Every company is experiencing the Digital Transformation, regardless of their area of service, which means an important advance in how things are done, not only at industrial level but in everyday life, as a society and as an improvement in the quality of the user’s experience.

Each company has different objectives to pursue when carrying out the digital transformation, according to Gartner analysis firm in its report “It Market Clocks for 2016: Digital Transformation Demands Rapid IT Modernization” 66% of companies that apply the Digital Transformation expect to generate more revenue from their operations, 48% expect that more businesses will arrive through their digital channels. According to the study, other reasons for its implementation are: 40% are committed to empowering employees with digital tools, and 39% aim to reduce costs.

Many IT experts agree that adaptation is necessary, regardless of the objectives, as Gartner argues, companies that don’t undergo a Digital Transformation, will see their progress affected. In addition, consideration must be given to the fact that learning and adapting run at a much slower pace with respect to the evolution of new technologies.

At Vigatec we face several challenges: to know who the users of the future are going to be in detail, what the buyers’ behavior will be like, how they want to be served, all in order to be able to develop solutions that meet their expectations. It has to do with facing changes in people’s mentality, our age generation, and on how to adopt this speed since the speed of the transformation is a challenge per se.

Another no-lesser challenge, is the correct incursion of start-ups, which, with very little working capital, can overcome other businesses only by using digital platforms and having the advantage that they are managed by young people, who know what their generation wants, who move at a faster rate than traditional companies, and can manage to capitalize this synergy in a better way. All this is a very interesting challenge and in Vigatec we have transformed it into an opportunity, we understand that the Digital Transformation has nothing to do with capital, nor investment, but rather it’s a matter of adoption, of understanding what you want to do and how solutions are designed to meet expectations, using an innovation that incorporates the most up-to-date technologies, and giving value to information by basing ourselves on what customers need.

Finally, Digital Transformation starts from within the companies themselves, this is one of the biggest challenges, since we must analyze how much we’ve adopted the digital culture, how we’ve reinvented the work processes, and how we’ve incentivized technological creativity.

Marcelo Fernández (PICTURE)

CEO Vigatec