Assistance control systems

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Customer: National Customs Service

Solution: Assistance Control Equipment

Vigatec accompanied the National Customs Service to modernize the officials’ attendance control-related operations. This is essential for institutions that have hundreds of collaborators and who must respond to trade union organizations’ requirements.

In Vigatec we offer integral solutions for several operations, in this opportunity, the installation of 106 last generation attendance control equipments, such as clocks and biometric readers with fingerprint recognition from Arica to Punta Arenas, as well as on several border points throughout the country, were the solution to the client’s request.

The Scenario

The National Customs Service, like any other public agency, has service commission and productivity bonuses among its personnel management modalities, and others, so controlling the access and end of the workday schedules is essential for the correct fulfillment of collaborator payments. This institution has union organizations that ensure the full and timely compensation of workers, and they also control the commitments made by the state for collective bargaining.

The Vigatec Proposal

Vigatec offered the installation of SYNERGY control equipments with fingerprint detection and Mifare proximity reader in the SNA offices at a national level. The incorporated Software is, these devices monitor compliance with the schedules established for each officer in a centralized way to correctly stipulate their salaries’ processing and performance measurements.

The assistance control equipment is operated with a 500 VA energy backup UPS, which allows them to continue operating for longer periods in case of an electric power interruption or variability, to ensure that the function for which they were installed is carried out properly.


The customs project was carried out in 2 stages, the first one contemplated the implementation of the IT platform that would support the 59 clocks with HP servers project and an Oracle database engine, with its respective configurations in the Valparaíso Customs Site.

Once the platform was put into operation, the installation of all the Network and Electric points for each of the equipment was began, as well as the clocks’ assembly and settlement of all the officials’ cards, from Arica to Punta Arenas, within a work agenda designed with the client.

The second stage of the clocks’ installation (47 units) was carried out at the border crossings, for which the same process and established IT platform were considered.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges faced by the Vigatec team to carry out this installation process was related to the maintenance of the heritage buildings’ structures. This requirement was fulfilled thanks to rigorous planning and care when executing the solution.


Also, the human team had to deal with extreme weather conditions, in addition to a high altitude in some locations, which exceeded 4,000 meters, especially in the Arica, Iquique and Antofagasta areas. In terms of logistics, all-terrain vehicles had to be used to face highly complex roads, land, snow, water and others, and reaching some of the localities took many driving hours.