Managing the space, the operators and products’ safety, represent key characteristics that the companies must control for logistics. Given this, there are technological and international quality options for all kinds of industry.

Santiago, December 2017.- Automated vertical storage is a reality in Chilean companies’ wineries, in the best Asian and European robotic systems style. In our country, one can already find technological solutions that give greater security to the products and operators, and save space.

As a logistic tool, the Chilean company Vigatec, Modula’s exclusive representative, offers a vertical and modular storage system that compacts all the square meters that are usually occupied in the warehouses and transforms them into a cube, thus saving up to 90% of space.

Álvaro Borroni, Vigatec Deputy Commercial Manager states that “Modula represents a means through which warehouse operators can work more safely, since the concept changes, but neither the operator nor the product do, on the contrary, the product goes to the solicitor”. He adds that, “it’s a transversal and innovative product that generates added value to the operations by freeing up spaces and provides a logistics solution for all types of companies.”

This solution can be between 3.3 and 14.1 meters high, its inner section is made by trays, whose amount depends on the configuration of the products to be stored. These trays can hold up to 990 kilos each. The equipment consists of a central elevator, a column of trays behind and in front, a tactile operation console that has a powerful WMS software that allows one to manage the stored merchandise and which can communicate with any ERP with which the company works.

In addition, the Modula system has accessories such as a laser pointer, which indicates the product’s exact position inside the tray, and an alphanumeric led bar that presents the product information, as well as its position, description and code.