Electronic security and assistance solutions for companies

Technology has ceased to be a luxury and has become a fundamental element in the personal and business sphere. In such an active and globalized world, companies must be fast and efficient with all their resources, the use of technological tools solves problems and eliminates organizational barriers through innovative systems that adapt to each person’s needs.

In this case, the use of technology to comply with regulation 1140/27, which governs the attendance control of employees in Chile, and in which digital modernization requirements have been established to guarantee a precise marking of working hours. Thanks to the electronic security and assistance systems, the information that previously took days or weeks to collect, is now acquirable in real time, facilitating the work of the Human Resources area.

At Vigatec, we advise companies based on their business’s characteristics, our offer stands out because we have solutions that meet the aforementioned law’s requirements, and include both the equipment and software that allows for reports to be sent to each employee through an email, and to the staff administration. In addition, these electronic systems and assistance, are robust equipment of great durability, in fact, many of the renovations we work on, have to do more with aesthetics, since some equipment has worked correctly even after more than 10 years of use.

Regarding the innovation of biometric recognition systems, I highlight the fact that the teams can capture the finest details with 50 comparative fingerprint points, allowing for a very high recognition. This surpasses the Bioscript technology, which took a picture of the trace and in case of any injury, couldn’t recognize it. Also, it should be noted that 1% of the population has fingerprint problems, and for these cases, we recommend the use of the keyboard incorporated in the equipment.

These electronic security and assistance solutions are exposed in the Vigatec Experience Center, visitors can interact with the software and equipment, so they can check its functionality personally.

Gloria López H. (PICTURE)

Account Manager Electronic Safety and Assistance in Vigatec