The first edition of Vigatec Forum 2018 brought together more than 300 people, who were attracted by the concept “Beyond physical-digital convergence”. The event was visited by executives from other countries who wanted to learn about the digital transformation of services and the improvement of user experience proposed by the Chilean company, which has a presence in seven countries in the region.

Santiago, August 2018.- The concept of Vigatec Forum 2018 consisted of improving user experience through digital transformation. The Chilean company presented a series of exhibitions to demonstrate the tools and innovations they use to meet their users’ technological needs, as well as the services they manufacture and represent.

Some of the topics developed were the digitalization of services such as parking, logistics, payment methods, self-service, electronic security and environmental solutions. These solutions are available and executed successfully, but the challenge facing Vigatec lies on how to get a better customer satisfaction while using technology in these areas. How will technologies migrate to carry out this imminent digital transformation?

Marcelo Fernández, Vigatec’s CEO emphasized on the challenges that companies face at the moment, “the first has to do with knowing the users, connecting with them, with their behavior and with how they want to be served. The second is a change of mentality for our generation, how we adapt to the speed with which the world moves today and, finally, the synergy that we need to use in startups, which can do great things without a large investment capital and from a digital platform.”

Fernandez continues, “all that involves a very interesting competition, that has nothing to do with capitals, and all to do with adoption, with understanding what you want to do and how to use the available technologies, how we apply then and how to evaluate that information based on what the customer needs.”

The event was attended by international managers, executives and directives of large companies from all over the world. Vigatec Forum was conducted by the journalist María Elena Dressel, with the special participation of the radio and television presenter Nicolás Larraín, a panel that discussed the Physical – Digital Convergence, and was composed by Andrés Bustamante, Head of State Modernization, Ricardo Blumel, Transbank Marketing Manager, Wilson País, Director of Imagine Lab and Innovation Director of Microsoft and Jaime Navon, Deputy Director of Sciences of the PUC School of Engineering.

Talks were also offered by Vigatec executives and their partners, Modula, Hikvision, Synel, Datacard, Ingenico and Map city.